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"It appears neither of us is going to get what we want. So I must know, are you very brave - or just very stupid?"
—Abdullah to Nancy

Abdullah Bakhoum is a suspect in Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Appearance Edit

Most likely in his late forties or early fifties, Abdullah is reasonably weathered, with a thin frame, lanky arms, and a wrinkled face. His skin is darker in tone than most characters, while his salt-and-pepper hair is cropped short to his skull. His eyes appear to be a dull chocolate brown.

During gameplay, Abdullah can be seen wearing a short-sleeved green shirt with a button-up top, and dark blue jeans. Considering the work he has to do, his clothes are not the most fanciful and rather a casual work display.

Information Edit

Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

Abdullah is staying on at the Kingston University's dig site in 2012 after a sandstorm scares most of the crew away. He is very harsh on Lily, the PhD student at the site, and Jon, the supervisor, comments that it's strange that he would have Lily there.

Nancy eventually finds out that Abdullah is involved in the black market and tried to smuggle the jackal amulet off the site, which is why Dylan Carter came to the site, as he wanted to be a part of it. At the end of the game, Nancy then finds out that Lily had been part of the team because Abdullah wanted her to help him with his smuggling operation. He was also staging the site by adding mummies and such to increase its attraction and the value of things that came from it.

Abdullah tries to leave Nancy, Jamila, and Lily in the tomb, but Jon shows up and stops him. When Abdullah is arrested, he takes the blame for everything.

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