Alan Penvellyn was Letitia Drake's elder brother and Jane's grandfather.

Biography Edit

Alan was gifted with computer technology and mechanics, forever tinkering with this or that. He even used part of a programmers' saying as the motto on his personal coat of arms.

Alan seems to have been very close to his younger sister, Letitia Drake. As children, they would enjoy making up cockney rhymes to each other. However, as the elder sibling, Alan was an initiate of the Penvellyn family legacy and Letitia was not. Tasked with protecting the ancient family treasure as generations of Penvellyns had before him, Alan devised a puzzle using his computer skills and the "thirteen ghosts of Blackmoor Manor".

As the secret of the family treasure was strictly passed from grandchild to grandchild, Alan somewhat neglected his son Hugh. But when his granddaughter Jane was born, Alan lavished her with all sorts of gifts and was presumably eager to initiate her to the family legacy. Sadly, Alan died when Jane was only three years old.