Alec Fell is a skiptracer in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The Silent Spy Edit

In 2013, Alec meets Nancy at the Wyvern's Gate train station when she comes to Scotland to investigate the death of her mother. A Revanant operative steals her suitcase, and Alec tries to get it for her. Nancy has him find Moira Chisholm for her. Alec does eventually find Nancy's suitcase, but a poem of her mother's is missing.

When Nancy places a bug on Alec, she finds out that people are making him give them information about her. Alec tells her that his sister is missing. When Nancy puts the cards revealing the Colony fomula in her room, she comes back to find her room torn apart, with lasers moving around and gunfire. She returns to find Alec's laser pointer and brings it back to him. Alec gives her a letter he wrote to the press, saying that he investigated a car crash years ago (Kate Drew's car crash) and was told to stop the investigation. When he didn't, his office was ransacked and torched. In the month prior to the game, his safe was broken into, and recently his sister, Grace Reid, had gone missing. She had called him, telling him to comply with Revenant's orders to see her again. Alec tells Nancy where he put the cards and leaves.

Zoe Wolfe helps him look for his sister at the end of the game. Apparently, Alec may have been brought on to work for Cathedral, but information beyond that is classified.

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