Andy Jason is the owner of the Whale World museum on Deception Island.

Danger on Deception IslandEdit

In 2003, Andy decides to smuggle animal furs from the sunken Whitechapel Dawn, having found an orca and trained it to do so. He also uses Hilda Swenson's notebook to utilize the many tunnels underneath Deception Island and rob stores through their hidden entrances. After many attempts to get Katie Firestone to join his business, he has her boat vandalized so that she can't find out what he's doing.

When Katie's boat is eventually hijacked after she gets it working again, Andy helps Nancy sail out to the smuggling ship and then gets on board himself. However, Nancy is able to knock him out before he can kill her.

Quotes Edit

  • "Whales rule!"
  • "Miss? Please don't touch that."
  • "Nuts..." - Andy's catchphrase