Beech Hill Museum is a museum in Washington D.C that specializes in Maya artifacts.

History Edit

The museum acquired a monolith in 2002 that was found in a dig site in Mexico. After a fierce custody battle between Mexico and the United States, the monolith was shipped to Beech Hill and used as the main attraction of their upcoming exhibit Finding the Maya: A Lost Civilization Speaks set to open through September 25th to April 26th.

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

Nancy Drew works as a deputy curator to help the Beech Hill staff prepare the new Maya exhibit when one of the museum's prized treasures -a jade carving of King Pacal- is stolen with only a red hand print left in its place.

Trivia Edit

  • In Secrets Can Kill: Remastered, a book labeled A Traveler's Guide to Beech Hill Museum can be found in Paseo Del Mar's library search engine.

Gallery Edit

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