Brenda Carlton is a reporter in River Heights.

Biography Edit

Brenda works for Today's Times (the newspaper) and Heights Nine News (on television). She hates Nancy because the mysteries she always solves around town get in the way of Brenda doing her job and covering the stories. Brenda is ruthless in her information gathering tactics, and will often dress in disguises and set up stings.

Alibi in Ashes Edit

In 2011, Brenda immediately covers the story of the Town Hall fire and tries to paint Nancy as the arsonist.

In the investigation of Bess, George and Ned, they uncover that Brenda had sent Nancy a note telling her to go the town hall (the first of which Deirdre Shannon intercepted), and set up the whole fire and covering of the story afterwards. She even used a disguise of Nancy again, making Deirdre think she was following Nancy. When Nancy discovers a bag of evidence in Brenda's lair, she brings it to Chief McGinnis, who arrests her in the middle of her broadcast. She continues to cover the weather at Heights Regional Correction Center.

Trivia Edit

  • A Carlton stayed in room #38 at the Ryokan Hiei.
  • If Nancy gets tired of talking to Bill Pappas in Stay Tuned for Danger, she can tell him her name is actually Brenda Carlton and that she works for Today's Times, and he ends the conversation.

Gallery Edit

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