Brooke Tavanah is the leader of a tornado chasers team in Oklahoma from Kingston University.

Biography Edit

Trail of the Twister Edit

During the 2010 Green Skies Competition, Brooke and her team compete against The Canute Storm Chasers, from Canute College.

When Nancy Drew joins the Canute team, she discovers that Brooke had been paying Scott Varnell, the leader of The Canute Storm Chasers, to sabotage his own team's equipment.

Nancy also learns that the Canute team's photographer, Frosty Harlow, had been selling his extraordinary footage to the Kingston team's photographer, Erin Aldriege; so Brooke's team could get the credit.

In the end, Brooke and Scott were fired, and both teams were eliminated from the competition. After the team leaders are fired, Debbie Kircum, part of The Canute Storm Chasers, gathered all the remaining members of both teams to create a new team for the remainder of the tornado season.