Captain's Cove Amusement Park is a park in New Jersey currently owned by Paula Santos.

History Edit

The carousel was built by Rolfe Kessler in 1914. Kessler spoke of how his horses existed as live beings in parallel universes. The ballroom, underneath which Kessler worked, was converted into a haunted house from 1961 to 1962.

In 1980, Chaz Dunning stole some jewels from a safe in the adjacent hotel, the Captain's Quarters Hotel, and hid them in various rides in the park as he was getting away, including in the leg of the carousel horse Glory and in the walls of the Orbiter. In 1983, a park goer named Mike DeSalle found the jewels in the Orbiter.

In 2001, co-owner Darryl Trent was forced to sell his portion of the park to his business partner, Paula Santos.

In 2003, the lead horse of the carousel was stolen, the carousel started by itself and the roller coaster stopped. Nancy Drew found out that Elliot Chen, the park's art directior, wanted to sell the lead horse and make forgeries of it to sell as well, and was starting the carousel by remote control to increase its value. Joy Trent had stopped the roller coaster out of ill feelings following her father's death. Nancy also found some remaining jewels hidden in Glory.

Gallery Edit

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