The carousel is an attraction at Captain's Cove Amusement Park.

History Edit

The carousel was built by Rolfe Kessler in 1914, one of only five carousels he created. Kessler was a strange, moody man and firmly believed that his horses existed as living creatures in parallel universes.

The Haunted Carousel Edit

The carousel of Captain's Cove, New Jersey has been reportedly moving on its own.

In 2003, the valuable lead horse of the carousel was stolen, apparently causing the carousel to start all by itself late at night, making some believe that the remaining horses were mourning their lost companion.

While riding the carousel, riders can try to grab a ring as a prize. This ring later helps Nancy get into Kessler's hidden workshop when used in the haunted house.

There is an organ machine that plays the carousel music. Following a clue from Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine, Nancy can play Joy's favorite carousel song on the organ.

The carousel can open up. Inside, there is a safe with the organ music rolls and a door that leads beneath the carousel, where Nancy can find an electronic device.

Gallery Edit

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