Cassidy Jones in the receptionist at The Redondo. On Cassidy's magazine subscription, it says his address is: Mr. Cassidy Jones

1 Bell Drive

Muddy Bank, CA 95531

Resorting to Danger!Edit

In 2009, Nancy is at the Redondo investigating bomb explosions. She eventually finds out that Cassidy is dating one of the stars staying at the Redondo's guest suite, Jasmine Ivy. When Jasmine finds out this is against the rules, she tells everyone that it was all an act and she was researching for a performance.

If Cassidy is not the bomber, Nancy will find a letter telling Nick Bleski that Cassidy needs to be terminated. If Cassidy is the bomber, Nancy finds a letter recommending that he be promoted. 

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Cassidy and Jasmine

Cassidy and Jasmine