Castle Malloy is a crumbling castle in Bailor, Ireland.

History Edit

The castle was owned by Brendan and Caitlin Malloy in the twentieth century, where Brendan was supposedly developing fuel for armored vehicles. However, in 1944, half of the castle exploded during one of Brendan's experiments, supposedly killing him, his wife, and their daughter Fiona.

The Haunting of Castle Malloy Edit

In 2008, Brendan's great niece, Kyler Mallory, wanted to get married at Castle Malloy, but her groom, Matt Simmons, went missing. When Nancy, the maid of honor arrived, she found that Matt had been abducted by Fiona, who had stayed around the castle for 64 years on a jetpack her father invented. Fiona treated Matt and Nancy as pets and dropped food down to Matt while keeping him in the underground laboratory. Nancy managed to free herself and Matt and transfer Fiona to a nursing home, and the wedding was held.

Gallery Edit

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