Chantal Moique owns Icicle Creek Lodge.

History Edit

When Chantal's father gives her Icicle Creek Lodge to run on her own, she's determined to make the resort a success and prove to her father (who owns an entire chain of resorts) that she can handle the responsibility.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

Unfortunately, several near-fatal accidents start plaguing the Lodge just a year after Chantal takes ownership. After a man breaks his leg on slippery stairs that should not have been icy, two guests become trapped in the sauna and nearly die from the heat, and an entire family gets struck down with severe food poisoning, Chantal suspects foul play and admits that she needs help. She begs Nancy Drew to find out why these mysterious accidents keep happening and even hires another detective, Tino Balducci, to consult with Nancy over the phone in an effort to speed up the sleuthing process. Meanwhile, Chantal leaves the Lodge to consult with her lawyers.