Corine Myers is a student at Waverly Academy in the class of 2010.


In 2009, Corine was eligible to be valedictorian, and therefore lived in Ramsey Hall where the valedictorian candidates stayed. For a school assignment, Corine wrote a paper on one of the school's founders, Rita Hallowell, and her relationship to Edgar Allan Poe, for which Corine won the Pen to Paper Award. During her intense research for the essay, Corine discovered that Rita most likely hid Poe's last (priceless) written work somewhere in Ramsey Hall to keep it safe.

Corine decided to find Poe's final book and found the old school rumor of Hallowell's black cat, which was said to roam the school grounds in revenge for the poor treatment Rita suffered at the hands of her students. Pretending to be the legendary Black Cat, Corine created several warning notes for the students of Ramsey Hall in order to scare them away so she can search the building in peace. If a student didn't leave after they received a second note, Corine caused a traumatizing accident to make sure they left, such as locking the claustrophobic Danielle Hayes in a small closet overnight or giving Megan Vargas an allergic reaction so severe she had to be hospitalized.

Warnings at Waverly Academy Edit

In the midst of winter break, Corine gets a new roommate named Becca Sawyer. Corine does her best to appear likable, but she knows the majority of the students don't like her very much and her insecurity is obvious.

Corine actually succeeds in finding the lost tales, but Becca chases after her and tells the school what she had done, getting her expelled.

Trivia Edit

  • Corine's favorite subject is English.
  • Corine plans on entering a partnership at a small, socially active law firm after attending an Ivy League college.
  • Corine plans on being a state representative at 28 years old and a senator by 35.