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Creepy's Corner was a radio show in the 1920's. Josiah Crowley was a big fan of the somewhat-cheesy show, and presumably installed the Creepy's Corner tile puzzle in the underground secret passageway that connected his home and The Lilac Inn.

Furthermore, Josiah locked his journal with a code that can be discovered by listening to the sound effects used in a certain episode of the show.

Script Edit


PETER: I'll never forget the night it all began, that dark, stormy fateful night when I decided the time had come to rid the world of the Creature. But it would take money to do that, and to get money, I needed to confront my arch-enemy, Nick, who had recently became able to transform himself, fittingly, into a giant warthog.

When his forest hideaway came into view, I dismounted, and approached the door on foot so I could take him by surprise.

**Clap of Thunder**

**Clap of Thunder**


PETER: My fear that he would hear me proved groundless, for a terrible storm began to rage, washing away the sound of my footsteps. I peered through the rain-streaked window beside his front door, and could see him sitting in front of the fire. He had returned to human form, but the malicious smile on his face suggested that he was recalling his recent porcine exploits. Seeing that the door was unlocked, I hurled it open-

**Door Opens**

PETER: -and marched across the room towards him.


PETER: "Step away from that bottle of warthog potion," I commanded, "and give me the twenty gold coins you stole from my poor servant!"

NICK: "I'm not going to give you a thing, save, perhaps- a taste of my sword!"

PETER: And with that, he drew his sword. In a instant, I had drawn mine, and so commenced the fiercest sword fight the world had ever known!

**Clashing Swords!**

PETER: The storm raging outside paled in comparison to our battle. To my surprise, Nick's experience as a lower life form seemed to have improved his skill as a swordsman. I feinted, I parried, and yet, victory eluded me.

**Clashing Swords!**

PETER: And soon, I began to feel my strength ebbing from me. I was tiring rapidly. Summoning every ounce of what little energy remained in my body, I lunged at him one last desperate time.

NICK: "Ouch. Why, you've wounded me."

PETER: I had managed to wound him on his right arm, just above the elbow.

**Clap of Thunder**

PETER: His words, punctuated as they were by an untimely clap of thunder, sent a shiver down my spine. “Save your breath,” I intoned, "and give me those gold coins."

NICK: "Here. Take your precious coins."

**Sound of Coins**

PETER: He tossed the bag of coins onto a chair. But as I reached for them, he reached for his bottle of potion, and in a matter of seconds, my night had gone from bad... to horrible...

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