Dagny Silva is a treasure hunter.

Biography Edit

Dagny went to school and got a job, eventually marrying a woman named Alicia DeSoto. At some point, the two divorced and Dagny became a treasure hunter all over the world. She largely keeps to herself and likes to keep on the move from place to place before people can get close to her.

Through her connections, Dagny heard a rumor about a treasure hidden aboard the 18th century ship, the Heerlijkheid, in Skipbrot, Iceland. She offered to sponsor the ship restoration project and teamed up with Magnus Kiljansson, who is in charge of the project and has been looking for the treasure himself for years. They agreed that they would split the treasure between them and that they would not hunt for it until after Skipbrot's annual Ancestor's Festival.

Sea of Darkness Edit

Magnus is supposed to steer the newly-restored ship into the harbor for the festival, but when it instead crashes into the dock and Magnus is nowhere to be found, Dagny suspects that he found the treasure and bailed on her so he could keep it all for himself. Presumably, she vents her frustration to her friend Moira Chisholm who tells her about Nancy Drew's sleuthing skills. Dagny soon writes Nancy a letter explaining the situation and books her the next flight to Iceland.

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Quotes Edit

  • "You can call me 'boss-lady' if you want. Or 'my queen'. Or 'Dagny'. Whatevs".
  • "They say [Magnus] must've fallen in the water, but the guy sails for a living! You know what sailors don't do? Drown."
  • "The dead are dead, Nancy. We either bury them with all their stuff and lose it forever, or we steal the stuff and do something that actually has an impact on the world. Or at least, my checking account."
  • "Turns out my 'life partner' wasn't so life-y after all."
  • "I literally can't believe you still have a landline. What are you, ninety?"
  • "If you stay in one place, people start to need you and feel things about you and all that icky weird stuff."

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