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Dagny Silva
Dagny Silva
Sea of Darkness
Significant Others
Alicia DeSoto (ex-wife)
Moira Chisholm
Magnus Kiljansson
Soren Bergursson
Voiced by
Katherine Grant-Suttie
Dagny Silva is a treasure hunter and is managing the restoration of the Heerlijkheid in Sea of Darkness. She is Magnus's business partner.

Sea of Darkness Edit

Dagny hires Nancy in 2015 to find her business partner Magnus, who she believes faked his own death and ran off with the legendary treasure that is supposedly hidden on the Heerlijkheid.

Dagny keeps to herself, saying that she moves from place to place before people can get close to her. When Nancy fixes the heater for her, she tries to get Dagny to open up, and she says that she went to school, got a job, got married, then wasn't married and became a treasure hunter. Looking through Dagny's phone, Nancy can find out that her ex-wife was Alicia DeSoto, who is strangely recorded as having recently bought Dagny a gift in Soren's records. Dagny is also friends with Moira Chisholm, which is how she got a hold of Nancy.

Dagny disappears towards the middle of the game with the heater knocked over and blood on the ground. However, Nancy finds her later on in the lighthouse while both of them are looking for the treasure. Dagny had faked her own abduction in order to find the treasure. She gives Nancy the clues she found.


Dagny in Nancy's phone when Dagny calls her.

At the end of the game, Dagny sticks around to get her share of the treasure but then leaves, leaving Nancy a note saying "Catch ya later, friend."

Quotes Edit

  • "The dead are dead, Nancy. We either bury them with all their stuff and lose it forever, or we steal the stuff and do something that actually has an impact on the world. Or at least, my checking account."
  • "Metaphors, Nancy. Keep up with me here."
  • "Turns out my 'life partner' wasn't so life-y after all."
  • "I literally can't believe you still have a landline. What are you, ninety?"
  • "If you stay in one place, people start to need you and feel things about you and all that icky weird stuff."

Trivia Edit

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