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Danger by Design

Game #


Written by

Robert Reidl
Anne Collins

Directed by

Mike Paganini

Guest Cast

Amy Broomhall
Megan Hill
Shawnmiarie Yates
Guy Nelson
Stephen Hando
Tim Moore


July 24, 2006


Paris, France

Previous Game

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Next Game

The Creature of Kapu Cave

Danger by Design is the fourteenth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Files #30: Death by Design. Her Interactive created a new silhouette for Nancy for this game.


Minette, an American fashion designer living in Paris, has been acting very bizarrely lately. Firstly, Minette has fallen dangerously behind on her projects. Secondly, she's been throwing violent temper tantrums, firing her assistants in the process. Thirdly, and perhaps most curiously, Minette refuses to take off her mask, metaphorically or otherwise. Her boss is naturally a friend of Nancy's father, Carson Drew, so Nancy goes undercover as an intern to look into Minette's odd behavior.



Minette's real name is Tammy Barnes. She can charitably be called eccentric, using "rude" as a substitute for "cool" and having a mannequin called Carol for a best friend. Her fashions are designed for plus-size women (at least a size 12).

Heather McKayEdit

Heather is Minette's assistant and is surprisingly patient with Minette's sometimes-violent outbursts. She also aspires to be a fashion designer in the future, and is working for Minette to get a feel for the business side of things, or so she says.

Jing Jing LingEdit

Jing Jing is Nancy's Australian roommate, and is also one of Minette's models. She has a fast metabolism and is trying to go up to a perfect size 12, so she bakes cookies all day.

Dieter von SchwesterkrankEdit

Dieter is a fashion photographer who's worked for, and also dated, Minette.

Jean-Michel TraquenardEdit

Jean-Mi is the editor for Glam Glam Magazine. In his unofficial "office" at Cafe Kiki, he passes judgement upon any and all fashion.

Phone FriendsEdit

There are two phones. One is on Nancy's desk and the other is at her apartment.

Bess Marvin and George FayneEdit

Bess and George are cousins and are good friends of Nancy. They can give her advice if she's a Junior Detective.

Frank and Joe HardyEdit

Frank and Joe are detective brothers whom Nancy knows. They can give her advice if she's a Junior Detective.

Prudence Rutherford Edit

A returning character from Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Nancy may only speak to her on the phone when she calls the moulin about her designs.

Lynn Manrique Edit

Lynn is a historian who persistently attempts to contact Minette about Noisette Tornade, the previous owner of the moulin.



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