Dirk Valentine was an outlaw who lived in Prescott, Arizona in the 1880s.

Biography Edit

As soon as he heard her playing the piano, Dirk fell in love with Frances, sheriff Meryl Humber's daughter, who lived at Shadow Ranch. He would bring her back souvenirs from his adventures and create puzzles for her, as he especially loved the expression on her face whenever she was thinking hard about something. Even though he was an outlaw, Frances grew to love him just as deeply. Dirk assured her that he never used his gun on anyone and stole only from rich people who didn't deserve the money- even though he reportedly robbed a train that was intended to pay miners.

Dirk eventually hid a treasure chest full of golden hearts for his beloved Frances and created a series of elaborate puzzles to lead her to it, but he was arrested by her father before he could tell her. Dirk sent her a letter from his jail cell promising that he'd be out soon, but wrote down the first clue to his treasure hunt just in case he wasn't. He was hanged nine days later.

After his death, his horse's phantom was said to haunt Shadow Ranch.

Trivia Edit

  • Dirk was very fond of his father, Cashmeer, even though the man essentially disowned him out of shame.

Quotes Edit

  • "You are more precious to me than ten thousand treasures put together."
Real Phantom Horse

The phantom horse without its phosphorescent powder.

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