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Dirk Valentine
Dirk Valentine
September 17, 1883
Dry Creek
The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Cashmeer Valentine (father)
Significant Others
Frances Humber
Meryl Humber
Voiced by
Gary Hoffman

Dirk Valentine was an outlaw who lived in Prescott, Arizona in the 1880s. He was in love with the sheriff, Meryl Humber's daughter, Frances Humber, who lived at Shadow Ranch. Dirk had hidden a treasure for her somewhere nearby. He was arrested by the sheriff on September 9, 1883 and hanged on September 17. Frances was so heartbroken that she left the next day and never came back.

Dirk maintained that he only stole from people who didn't deserve the money, even though at one point he stole from a train that was going to pay miners. He was also fond of his father, Cashmeer, even though he had essentially disowned Dirk out of shame. Despite these shortcomings, Dirk was clearly very smart, as he was able to set up elaborate puzzles (especially for being in the 19h Century desert) to lead Frances to the treasure he had hidden for her.

After he died, his horse's phantom was said to haunt Shadow Ranch.

Quotes Edit

  • "You are more precious to me than ten thousand treasures put together."
Ghost Horse - Trailer

The phantom horse in the trailer at the end of Danger on Deception Island.

Sha wallpaper7

The phantom horse.

Phantom Horse

The phantom horse in action.

Real Phantom Horse

The phantom horse without its phosphorescent powder.

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