Dread Isle is an isle in the Bahamas.

History Edit

In 1669, El Toro's entire fleet was shipwrecked. In modern times, it has become a vacation spot with a shark diving ecotourism resort. The isle used to have a primate research center which taught monkeys to play games, but it is closed down by the time Nancy gets there. However, tourists can still play the games with the monkeys.

Ransom of the Seven Ships Edit

In 2009, the isle is owned by the Gibsons. Bess apparently wins an online vacation for three on the isle, but it is a ruse in order to kidnap her and force Nancy to find El Toro's treasure. The Gibsons are away during this time and don't know anyone is even using the island.

Trivia Edit

  • Jake Rogers planned to use the riches he made from blackmailing and selling military secrets to buy Dread Isle by the time he graduated high school.

Gallery Edit

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