Dylan Carter is a British tour guide.


Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

Dylan finds his way to Kingston University's dig site in 2012. He says he is checking out the site for future guides in case it is ever open to the public. When Nancy asks him how he got there, he says that he found some men who knew the way, even though no one knew where the site was. Eventually, Nancy finds fake credentials in his bag, and he says that all guides make their own credentials.

When Nancy discovers the cat tomb, Dylan goes in first and is immediately crushed by falling rocks. He is taken to the hospital and is in traction. Nancy calls him on her phone. Jamila El-Dine tells Nancy that Dylan had come to the site because he wanted to get involved in the black market with Abdullah, but he turned him down.

Nancy says he has recovered at the end of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • On one of Dylan's IDs claims he worked for one of John Grey's paranormal tours.
  • Dylan's outift is likely inspired by Indiana Jones.

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