Eda Brooks plays Nefertiti in the remake of Pharaoh. She is Jasmine Ivy's sister. Lydia Linn is always making fun of her in the Tinseltown Tattler.

Biography Edit

Lights, Camera, Curses! Edit

In 2008, Eda is filming Pharaoh when a lot of accidents are happening on set. The crew doesn't like her as she is hard to work with, and the nameplate on her locker is sratched out.

Eda had been feeding the cat that had been around, and Jorge had been taking pictures of a snake-like mark on her back, thinking it meant she was cursed, when it was actually just a tattoo she had removed for the film.

At the end of the game, Eda follows Nancy down to the lost set of the original version of the film, hoping to find the Jewel of Karnak. Disappointed that it isn't there, she tries to seek fame by adding another death to the film's history by burying Nancy alive with the flash boom she stole from the prop room after Molly McKenna broke into it. Nancy escapes with her, however, and Eda has a massive breakdown, allowing her to avoid charges.
Eda and Lois

Eda compares herself to Lois Manson, Nefertiti in the original film

Resorting to Danger! Edit

In the event that Jasmine is the one placing the bombs in the Redondo in 2009, Eda is selected to play Jasmine in the film about her plot, much to Jasmine's dismay.