El Toro
Juan Ignacio de Santa Ana Domingo, otherwise known as El Toro, was a Spanish ship captain in the 17th Century whose Siete Virtudes fleet had become famous by 1665. His ships were named Pacencia, Humilidad, Caridad, Generosidad, Diligencia, Templanza and Castidad. Unfortunately, in August of 1669, while carrying Spanish treasure, the fleet had to change course to avoid the privateer Henry Morgan and ended up in a hurricane, ruining all seven of the ships and stranding the survivors on Dread Isle in the Bahamas. El Toro hid the treasure with a series of elaborate puzzle on the island in case anyone who came to rescue them was an enemy ship, but no one ever did. In August of 1679 he recorded that he was the last remaining person on the island, as everyone else had died.
El Toro's Body

El Toro had positioned his body in his final days so that trying to open an incorrect keyhole would push his arm and collapse the cave he was in.

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