Elinor Penvellyn is one of, if not the, most famous Penvellyn ancestors.

Biography Edit

In 1626, Elinor was found dropped off at Blackmoor Manor, found by the childless, elderly James Penvellyn. She was adopted and raised as a Penvellyn. She grew up to become a helper of people fleeing from Cromwell and saved many lives with her alarm system that sounded chimes from the passages of the Manor.

Some believed that she was a "fairy baby" or that she had turned her husband into the Beast of Blackmoor because he had discovered too much about the Penvellyn family secret. The Beast of Blackmoor was a humanoid wolf-like creature with glowing red eyes that was seen prowling the moors as early as 1557 (almost seven decades before Elinor's birth).

Eventually, Elinor was burned at the stake for being a witch in 1650, at the young age of 24. It was rumored that Cromwell arranged the conviction. The Penvellyn family fled to France for half a century after the tragedy, and the sightings of the beast skyrocketed. Its last sighting was in 1990.

Cur wallpaper5

Elinor on the cover of Curse of Blackmoor Manor.

Elinor - Trailer

Elinor in the Curse of Blackmoor Manor trailer.

When the family came back decades later, a puzzle was made in which Elinor's name had to be entered in runes in order to gain further access to one of the secret passageways. It was accompanied with this inscription:

Only the blameless shall pass here. All others shall transform into beasts. Tooth and nail shall grow long, and hair shall turn coarse, til their aspect be as loathsome as their cold hearts. Prove thy worthiness and memorialize here the innocent one so wrongly condemned for saving lives. Else consider thyself right and truly cursed.

In 2004, Jane Penvellyn took advantage of the Legend of the Beast of Blackmoor, and made her new stepmother, Linda Penvellyn, think she was turning into the Beast of Blackmoor by writing the curse down and putting it in her room, and by dressing up as Elinor's ghost in a black cloak. She also put glowing red goggles on and pretended to be the Beast.

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