Eustacia Andropov is the widow of one of Harry Houdini's cousins.

Biography Edit

In her late nineties, Eustacia is somewhat crabby and morbid, always commenting on her age and whether her friends are dead yet.

The Final Scene Edit

In 2001, Nick Falcone obtains her number so that Nancy can call her and find out what happened to Harry Houdini's ownership of The Royal Palladium Theater and hopefully prevent it from being knocked down. Eustacia says that Harry Houdini gave his half of the ownership to a young magician he admired.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Edit

In 2002, Nancy can hear from Eustacia again when she calls Vivian Whitmore, as Eustacia is her friend and is visiting her.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor Edit

In 2004, while visiting Blackmoor Manor, Nancy can hear Jane Penvellyn talk about her family tree. At one point Jane mentions a Eustacia, possibly Ms. Andropov: "Obadiah (1895 - 1975). He lived in the US for most of his life and married this weird woman named Eustacia. She's still alive and sometimes calls us -she's totally creepy."

Trivia Edit

  • Eustacia was born in 1905.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ah, Nancy Drew, the snoopy one. You aren't dead yet?"
  • "I'm ninety-six over here, I don't exactly have time to burn."
  • "Save it for my funeral."