Ezra Wickford is the original owner of Wickford Castle.


Ezra built the castle in Wisconsin in 1920 and then continued to own it until his death in the late 1940s.

Being somewhat eccentric, he had the castle set up with lots of dead ends out of fear or being robbed. It took 7 years for the workers to finish the castle. The library and tower that Marie Antoinette visited were also imported to the castle from France, and the tower was accessed through the elevator shaft.

Around 1920, Ezra invented chocolate milk. Wickford Snacks was most likely named after Wickford.

Ezra adopted Dexter Egan but eventually disowned him after Dexter had criminal conduct. Dexter eventually became caretaker of the castle when it was passed to Christi Lane and made into a hotel and ski resort. Even though Dexter didn't know it, Ezra forgave him and even left him one of Marie's medallions.

It is unknown if Ezra married, but there the garden outside is dedicated to Eleanor Wickford. Eleanor could be his wife or a relative.