Frances Humber lived on Shadow Ranch in the 1880s.

Biography Edit

When Frances was only ten, her mother died. Seven years later, her father Meryl was made the sheriff. They lived together on Shadow Ranch in Arizona.

Frances taught herself how to play the piano and would often play at a place called Cappy's. One day, an outlaw named Dirk Valentine heard her playing and fell in love with her on the spot. Despite being the sheriff's daughter, Dirk promised her that he never used his gun on anyone and only stole from rich people who didn't deserve the money and Frances grew to love him just as deeply. He would bring her souvenirs from his adventures and create puzzles for her, saying that he especially loved the expression on her face whenever she was thinking hard about something. Eventually, he started to plan a big surprise for her involving a series of puzzles and implied that they would lead to a treasure for her.

Unfortunately, Dirk was soon arrested by her father and jailed. Prevented from visiting Dirk or receiving any of his letters, Frances fought fiercely with her father over his imprisonment. Despite her vehement protests, Dirk was hanged nine days after his capture. Burning with hatred for her father, Frances left Shadow Ranch the day after Dirk's death and never returned.

Frances sent a ring and a picture of her father to her cousin Ellie in a letter explaining why she left and giving Ellie permission try and find the treasure Dirk implied to have left her. Frances ended up in Ohio and worked there as a teacher for the rest of her life.

Trivia Edit

  • Frances was very smart and taught herself to do many things, including playing the piano, knitting, and growing plants.
  • Frances seems to have had a fondness for flowers of all sorts. She was a fan of Sunflower Crackers, knit the shawl she is wearing in her portrait using the daisy stitch, and baked a cake with a marzipan tulip on top.
  • Frances's favorite flower is the Harrison's Yellow rose.

Gallery Edit

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