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Ned Nickerson + Nancy Drew

Frank Hardy + Nancy Drew is the pairing of Frank Hardy and Nancy Drew.

History Edit

Following the hiring of Jonah von Spreecken as Frank, the Frank character seems to be more protective of Nancy and it is hinted he has a crush on her. Jonah Von Spreecken has always shipped them, and thought the "Love triangle" was just what the games needed.

Due to Nancy dating Ned, and Frank's friendship with both of them, Frank attempts to hide this crush. However, it is very much implied to by the other characters, although Nancy seems either oblivious to it, or does not wish to talk about it.

Examples Edit

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Edit

  • When Bess asks who Nancy likes, one of Nancy's options is Frank.

Trail of the Twister Edit

  • Frank seems very concerned for Nancy's safety.

The Captive Curse Edit

  • Frank seems sad that Nancy and Ned have gotten back together after their fighting.
  • Frank feels very awkward reading Joe's note about Ned and Nancy getting back together. Hinted that he is conflicted.

The Deadly Device Edit

  • When Nancy first talks to the Hardy boys Joe states, "Frank was just talking about you!" and Frank responds in a very flustered manner, "Just re-counting the time -- So how are you?".
  • In a "deleted scene", Frank almost presumably tells Nancy that he loves her, but he is cut off.

Ghost of Thornton Hall Edit

  • Bess mentions that Frank acts "weird", and she "doesn't know what his problem is".

The Silent Spy Edit

  • The Cathedral archives mention Frank has a "strong connection" to Nancy.

Labyrinth of Lies Edit

  • When talking to the Hardy boys, Joe mentions a secret, that Frank is very reluctant to talk about stating: "It's way down the road, but you're gonna love it."
  • At the end of the game, it seems the Hardy boys sneak Nancy off on an adventure, even though Ned is invited, Frank could still be planning something.

Trivia Edit

  • A hinted romantic connection between Nancy and Frank is often is crossover appearances in other media.