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Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Game #


Written by

Story by: Max Holechek
Script by: Anne Collins

Directed by

Max Holechek

Guest Cast

Keri Healey
Katie Klein
Scott Plusquellec
David S. Hogan
Margaret O'Malley
Alena Saunders


November 1, 2002


Moon Lake, Pennsylvania

Previous Game

Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Next Game

The Haunted Carousel

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is the seventh game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Ghost Stories: Ghost Dogs of Whispering Oaks, and Nancy Drew Digest #167: Mystery by Moonlight. This game is in dedication of Mildred Wirt Benson, the author of the original Nancy Drew series.


Sally McDonald, a photographer and acquaintance of Nancy's father, Carson Drew, recently bought a cabin - formerly owned by Mickey Malone, a Prohibition-era gangster - on Moon Lake, Pennsylvania. However, Sally soon becomes very frightened and asks Nancy, known for her detective skills, for help. When Nancy arrives, a tree falls and blocks her in, and Sally is nowhere to be found. Soon she calls Nancy and tells her why she left - Malone's Dogs have apparently returned as ghost dogs, and they viciously attack the cabin each night! The call is cut short and Nancy then meets with the birdwatcher, Red Knott who explains the legend of Mickey Malone's four faithful Rottweilers who disappeared into the woods the night Malone was arrested. The legend goes that the ghosts of the four dogs return to scare away any new owners.

After talking with Knott, Nancy returns to the cabin where the four ghost dogs attack. After the dogs leave, Nancy becomes suspicious of the ghost dogs and does some detective work around the forest where she discovers a cemetery. She finds the gravestones of the four dogs: Vitus, Lucy, Iggy, and Xander.

Nancy then talks to Emily Griffin, the owner of the local store and the park ranger. After doing more detective work, Nancy discovers rumors of buried gold on the property. Nancy suspects that whoever is behind the dog attacks may be after the gold.
DOG map


Sally McDonaldEdit

Sally is a photographer and the owner of the cabin. Although she stayed for approximately a month there, she eventually had to leave because of the ghost dogs.

Red KnottEdit

Red is a birdwatcher who has an observation platform near the cabin. Devoted to birding, he finds the company of humans annoying, and doesn't have much patience with them.

Emily GriffinEdit

Emily runs the nearby junk/bait shop Em's Emporium. She sells Prohibition-era antiques there, and insists that they were obtained legally and not by dragging the bottom of Moon Lake.

Jeff AkersEdit

Jeff is the local park ranger. He's a stickler for rules, and wants the local area to remain pristine and orderly.

Phone FriendsEdit

The phone is located in Sally's house.

Bess Marvin and George FayneEdit

Bess and George are cousins and are good friends of Nancy who can give her advice.

Frank and Joe HardyEdit

Frank and Joe are detective brothers Nancy knows. Bess will give Nancy their number after she mentions Jeff Akers. They can give her advice.

Vivian Whitmore and Eustacia AndropovEdit

Vivian was Mickey Malone's girlfriend, and can give Nancy important information about him. After Nancy's first time speaking to her, she's joined by Eustacia Andropov, who was also a phone friend in The Final Scene.



Trailer Edit

Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Official Trailer02:03

Nancy Drew Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Official Trailer

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