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Ghost of Thornton Hall

Game #


Written by

Story by: Nicholas Blahunka
Cathy Roiter
Script by: Nicholas Blahunka

Directed by

Tim Burke

Guest Cast

Keri Healey
Sharon Yamada-Heider
Jeff Allen Pierce
Julia Stockton
Dave Rivas
Julia Nardin


May 14, 2013


Blackrock Island, Georgia

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The Deadly Device

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The Silent Spy

Ghost of Thornton Hall is the twenty eighth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on the 10th Girl Detective novel, Uncivil Acts.


Late in the night, Nancy Drew gets a call from Savannah Woodham, a supernatural investigator. She begs Nancy to go to Blackrock Island and help find Jessalyn Thornton, who has vanished under mysterious circumstances. Savannah herself is too frightened to take on this case, saying Thornton Hall is a dangerous place for people like her. Remembering how helpful Savannah was to her in Shadow at the Water's Edge, Nancy accepts the case.

Soon Nancy is on a ferry to Blackrock Island. The ferryman warns her to watch herself among the Thorntons, "they earned their bad reputation", particularly warning her against Wade and the "loony bin reject, Harper" and especially against Charlotte. As Nancy walks up to the Hall's door, she gets briefly mistaken for Jessalyn by Colton Birchfield, the missing girl's fiance. He welcomes Nancy to Thornton Hall and gives her Jessalyn's dead phone, remarking that the charger got mangled by something. He says that though his bride-to-be may have had second thoughts about the wedding, she never would have run away and let her family worry themselves like this.

Epilogue (Spoilers) Edit

Ghost of Thornton Hall is unique in the Nancy series in that there are three possible endings based on what Nancy chooses to do at the end game.

If Nancy chooses to save Harper and Clara, this is the letter she writes:

Dear Ned,

I was able to pull Clara out of the fire just in time. We rushed out the front door before the stairs collapsed. Imagine my relief when I saw that Jessalyn and Harper had made it out safely as well. Clara finally told Jessalyn the truth. And about how sure she was that she'd be pushed out of the family entirely when she discovered Charlotte had changed her will. How jealous and powerless she felt the night she lit the match, and how badly she wanted to scare Charlotte - how quickly the fire got out of control, and how heartbroken she was at Charlotte's death. She would have given anything to take that night back. Jessalyn later said that was the first time she saw the real Clara - who wasn't a cold-blooded killer, just a woman so dedicated to hiding from her past she lost herself. The fire department traced the source of the blaze back to the faulty furnace in the basement, and insisted we all visit the hospital for exposure to toxic fumes.

The doctor I saw explained the carbon monoxide from Harper's furnace may be the cause of some of the unexpected things I saw around the house. Apparently many of the ghosts in Victorian-era fiction may have been inspired by the effects of exposure to carbon monoxide from faulty heaters. In the weeks that passed, Jessalyn began to have control of the family company. She's offered Wade a position on the board, and trusted him with keeping an eye on the day operation of the company's labor force. I imagine he'll take her up on the offer...once he's back form a trip to visit a certain former ghost hunter. Savannah called to tell me she's invited Wade to come out for a visit. I was a bit annoyed when I found out what Savannah hadn't told me about this case, but I have to admit I'm really hoping things work out for those two.

Colton and Jessalyn seem like they're on the road to patching up their friendship. They both seemed mutually relieved to dissolve the engagement. Colton has a lot to iron out with his parents and his relationship with Lexie, but he seems determined to do things on his own terms. Harper disappeared shortly after the fire. After an exhaustive search, Wade and Jessalyn tracked Harper down, and convinced her to rejoin the family. Years of Clara's manipulation left her a bit suspicious of the offer at first, but she finally agreed provided she could completely raze Thornton Hall, and in its place, build a public park dedicated to the memory of the lives lost on Blackrock Island. Jessalyn loved the idea, and considered it the first meaningful step toward building a company and a family that would have made Charlotte proud. If you ever find yourself visiting Blackrock Island, the creepiest thing you're likely to encounter is Harper enjoying a good book next to the tombstone that bears her name...and maybe those trees. But it's not their fault they look like that.

As for me, I'm looking forward to good old, non-haunted River Heights.

Can't wait to see you!




Jessalyn ThorntonEdit

Jessalyn visited Thornton Hall with her friend Addison for a pre-wedding celebration and sleepover, but then mysteriously disappeared.

Clara ThorntonEdit

Jessalyn's mother, Clara, stays in Thornton Hall during the search. She is currently the head of the Thornton family business and is usually quite direct and matter-of-fact. In her childhood, she lived at the hall with Charlotte, Harper, and the rest of the family, but never learned the identity of her father.

Wade ThorntonEdit

Although Wade usually stays away from the rest of the Thorntons, he has returned to Blackrock Island to aid in the search for Jessalyn. However, his shady past makes him an embarrassment to Clara, and he prefers to stay in the graveyard near the house, searching for signs of supernatural activity. This belief in the supernatural led him to encounter Savannah Woodham, back in the day.

Harper ThorntonEdit

Known as the black sheep of the family, Harper was always eccentric but became more so after her sister Charlotte's death in 1989. She even ran away from home for so long that her family had a gravestone made bearing her name. She maintains that the family has tried to hide her so as to keep their name untarnished, but Clara insists that Harper's tales of being institutionalized are exaggeration.

Colton BirchfieldEdit

Colton is Jessalyn's fiance and seems to be genuinely concerned about her well-being. Despite this, he seems to be grappling with some internal tensions, the causes of which are anyone's guess.

Charlotte ThorntonEdit

Charlotte Thornton died in a fire in 1989, on the night of her 21st birthday party. She was a beloved member of the family and the town, with a beautiful singing voice and an affection for all the Thorntons, even those in the crypt. After her death, people began to see her appearing on the island and within Thornton Hall, and the family soon left the hall altogether.

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a cell phone that can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen. She can also receive hints from the task list if she's an "Amateur" Sleuth.

Bess Marvin and Ned NickersonEdit

Bess is one of Nancy's best friends, and Ned is Nancy's boyfriend. These characters, although only under a phone call option, offer lots of advice and help for Nancy.

Addison HammondEdit

Addison is Jessalyn's friend and was with her when she vanished from Thornton Hall. The events of that fateful night left her extremely frightened and disturbed, and she is slightly unwilling to help Nancy at first. However, she provides useful information about what happened to Jessalyn.

Savannah WoodhamEdit

Former ghost hunter Savannah initially gets Nancy on the case by a phone call, and Nancy can call her from then on to get help with the case.



Tablet VersionEdit

Ghost of Thornton Hall was the first Nancy Drew adventure game for tablets, available for iOS, Android and Kindle. It was released for iPad on March 4, 2014, Kindle tablets on April 12, 2014, and Android on May 7, 2014. The camera has been removed from Nancy's phone (as have the phone games). The Bonus Edition phone charms and audio files are available, though. There is only one save file (it auto saves and a continue button is on the main menu) and there are no outtakes or trailer.
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