Gloria Crandall (nee Dowd) is Emily Crandall's late mother.

Biography Edit

Gloria was born Gloria Lois Dowd. She worked in Capitol City with Jane Willoughby, before marrying Mr. Crandall in 1912. They operated the Lilac Inn in Titusville, and had daughter Emily in 1913. Her husband died in World War I, at the Battle of Cantigny.

Gloria ran the Lilac Inn in Titusville, and was friends with many of the town's citizens, including neighbor Josiah Crowley and banker Jim Archer.

She died unexpectedly in April 1930, four months after her neighbor Josiah Crowley. She named Jane Willoughby as the guardian of Emily, although Marion Aborn impersonated her to convince Emily to sell the Inn, and split the money with her.