Gunnar Tonnisson is a salty ex-sailor.

Biography Edit

Sea of Darkness Edit

Nancy meets Gunnar in 2015 when she investigates Magnus Kiljansson's disappearance in Skipbrot, Iceland. Gunnar is always hanging out at the Missti Skip pub because he has nothing better to do. He says he hates the sea and will never go on it again, yet Nancy spots him sailing the dinghy. When she later confronts him, Gunnar confesses he was looking for the Heerlijkheid's treasure. He thinks Magnus is a weak man and is not sorry that he's gone missing, and also hates how the Ancestors' Festival has moved away from tradition. He has caused damage worth 12.4 million kroner by sabotaging the last two festivals, one stunt involving the use of tar and a fermented shark.

When Elisabet finally gets so irritated with Gunnar that she kicks him out of the pub, he is very sad and asks Nancy to get a box for him that he left inside. Nancy, chronic snoop that she is, opens the box and discovers a photo along with a newspaper article that explains that his wife, Esja Snorisdottir and his daughter, Edda Gunnarsdottir drowned when a boat that Gunnar was piloting went down. They were out sailing for Gunnar's birthday.

At the end of the game when Elisabet leaves to go sailing with Magnus, she lets Gunnar take charge of the pub and he finally seems happy.

Quotes Edit

  • "Name's Gunnar. But you can call me Gunnar."
  • "[Magnus] was too tall. Too poetic. Too cry-into-your-guitar-and-mourn-for-the-sea. Always quiet. Always thinking. Too soft. Beard too short. Coat too long. Eyelashes too full."
  • "I was bitten by a shark once. Now I only speak the truth."
  • "The sea chewed me up and spit me out. And I lost everything in her waves."
  • "Make good use of it, fiskur. And don't go wasting it or dropping it with your tiny little lady hands."
  • "Every day I wake up and for one moment I think they're still alive. I reach over to my wife's side of the bed to hold her. Then it all comes back. And I remember."

Trivia Edit

  • Three fingers on Gunnar's right hand were lopped off in a woodshop accident. He calls them his "lucky three".

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