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Hannah Gruen
Hannah Gruen
River Heights, Illinois
Message in a Haunted Mansion
Stay Tuned for Danger
The Haunted Carousel
Danger on Deception Island
The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
The Creature of Kapu Cave
Alibi in Ashes
Carson Drew
Nancy Drew
Eloise Drew
Bess Marvin
George Fayne
Ned Nickerson
Rose Green
Emily Foxworth
Voiced by
Maia McCarthy

Hannah Gruen is Nancy's housekeeper. Nancy's father, Carson Drew, hired her after Nancy's mother, Kate Drew, died so that Nancy would have a mother figure growing up. Nancy and Hannah are very close. 

Hannah is only available to talk to in Message in a Haunted Mansion. She is good friends with Rose Green, the woman doing the renovations to the Victorian mansion.

In Stay Tuned for Danger, Hannah sends Nancy a videotape of an interview with Rick Arlen that can help her on her case.

Hannah sends emails to Nancy throughout The Haunted Carousel and Danger on Deception Island, telling her about what's going on at home.

In Alibi in Ashes, while visiting Aunt Eloise in New York, Hannah sends Nancy a package of snacks including oranges and koko kringles bars upon hearing of her arrest.


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