Heather McKay is Minette's assistant in Paris, France. She acts as Nancy's manager during her tenure.


Heather is extremely talented, dedicated, and intelligent. She graduated from Waverly Academy in 2003[1] before studying at Rhode Island School of Design and Central Saint Martins in London and by 2006 had managed to land a job with Minette, hoping to gain contacts and understand the business of the fashion world before branching out on her own.

Danger by Design Edit

Heather is Minette's primary assistant (and has impressively lasted longer than any of the other assistants Minette has employed) and is always typing at her desk when she's not out shopping for Minette. She draws her own fashion ideas in a sketchbook that she keeps at her desk, making use of bright colors and taking inspiration from nature. She dreams of making it big in the fashion world and works for Minette in order to gain contacts and get a feel for the business side of things. One of those contacts, the cute German fashion photographer Dieter, she has a massive unrequited crush on.

Although she handles her eccentric boss very well, Nancy finds out that Heather sent one of Minette's threatening letters out of spite for Minette's anger issues and ruthless demands. Heather wanted her to feel a little of the discomfort the masked designer inflicts upon everyone else. She begs Nancy not to tell Minette, saying it was a rash mistake made in anger.

If Nancy chooses to tell Minette about the letter, Heather is fired. Upset, she calls Nancy to tell her that she would have been in her fashion show if Nancy hadn't gotten her fired. If Nancy doesn't tell Minette about the letter, Heather puts together a fashion show at the end of the game and has Nancy model in it.

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Quotes Edit

  • "You see, first she vents her rage for ten seconds, then six seconds of sobs and tears, and then she restores her positive flux with at least four seconds of robust laughter."
  • "If there's one thing I've learned from Minette, it's that how a fashion designer behaves will get her just as much attention as what she designs."

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