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Helena Berg
Helena Berg
Hamburg, Germany
The Phantom of Venice
Nancy Drew
Voiced by
Adrienne Maclan
Helena Berg is a journalist from Hamburg, Germany. She works for Eurowelt magazine specializing in reporting high-profile crime.

The Phantom of VeniceEdit

Helena Berg was born in Austria and has lived in England, France, and Germany. She likes the life of the socialite and is staying at the Ca' Nascosta with Margherita Faubourg in 2008. She is Nancy's roommate during Nancy's stay in Venice.

Nancy eventually finds out that Helena was "Il Dottore", the ringleader of the string of thefts throughout Venice. She had used the information she had learned while covering the trial of Leo Machiano, the leader of a different crime syndicate, as inspiration.

The members of Helena's team went by Carnivale names and only she knew who everyone was. Messages were delivered to her in codes using Sorpresa Chocolates from Antonio Fango, who left scopa cards for Nico Petit, the man who would do the actual stealing. Nico would contact Gina using Krolmeister chess notations, and she would leave him information about the security systems he would need to bypass. Nico would deliver the goods to Enrico Tazza, who housed them and shipped them to Hildegard Killian, the heiress in Chicago Helena was trying to impress.

Trivia Edit

  • Helena was thinking of dressing up as a cat for Carnivale, much like Nancy has to in the game.
  • Helena keeps a framed photo of herself on her dresser.
  • She claims she can sleep through almost anything.
  • Her parents live in Hamburg, Germany.

Quotes Edit

  • "You don't want to know where the cheapest cafes are? Are you sure you're American?"
  • "A caped figure, darting down walkways beside moonlit canals, melting mist-like into the shadows, escaping not with stolen money, but stolen art-- it's all just so wonderfully... Venetian."

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