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Henry Bolet
Henry Bolet Jr.
New Orleans, Louisiana
Bolet Manor
Legend of the Crystal Skull
Resorting to Danger!
Bruno Bolet (Deceased Great Uncle)
Marianne Bolet (Mother)
Claude Bolet (Father)
Significant Others
Summer (Girlfriend)
Ned Nickerson
Voiced by
Brian Neel

Henry Bolet is a fellow student Ned knows from Emerson. According to Iggy's human contact name in Resorting to Danger!, his name is Henry Bolet Jr. which suggests an ancestor also named Henry Bolet.

Legend of the Crystal SkullEdit

Henry's parents, Marianne and Claude, died in a car crash when he was just eight years old. He was sent to live with his great-uncle Bruno, who didn't really know what to do with a young boy and sent him to boarding schools, summer camps, and even military school. This rocky childhood lead him to believe he was unloved and unwanted, making him "a very morose, very negative young man" according to Renee Amande, Bruno's housekeeper.

When his great-uncle dies in 2007, Henry is forced to go to New Orleans to go take care of his assets, since Bruno never bothered recording his interactions. Ned feels bad for Henry and asks Nancy to check up on him when she and Bess vacation there.

Henry's Parents

Henry's parents, Marianne and Claude.

Nancy soon discovers that Henry sold a box of assorted items, including the box that Bruno bought his mysterious crystal skull in, to Lamont, the owner of Zeke's Curio Shop. Although he wasn't to touch anything until Bruno's debts were settled, Henry needed some quick cash to buy a bunch of things to keep his demanding girlfriend, Summer, happy. Although she's rather trashy and manipulative, Summer is his first, and probably only, girlfriend and he is terrified that she will dump him. Nancy uses her knowledge of the sale to coerce Henry into giving her one of his great-uncle's glass eyes, which he kept on a key chain. He promises he'll be better behaved from now on and won't sell off any more of Bruno's things.

At one point, as Nancy is wandering through the cemetery, she sees Henry crying in front of his parents crypt before he runs off.

When he was dying, Bruno told his friend Gilbert to hide the first clue to finding the skull, a painting of Henry's parents, in their crypt, so that Henry would be the first to find the skull. Nancy found it instead, and ended up accidentally feeding it to Bruno's pet alligator, Bernie.

At the end of the game, Henry is bewildered to find that his uncle really did care for him and even wanted him to have such a valuable treasure, as he thought that Bruno considered him to be an 'annoying family obligation'. During Nancy's summary, he is seen sitting on a hill overlooking the cemetery, thinking it all over as Nancy says that Bruno did care, but just didn't  know how to show it.

Personality Edit

Henry is a quiet man and prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. He comes across as a little emo sometimes, but it becomes clear that he is really just a broken man looking for affection, feeling hurt by his parents' death and great-uncle's apparent coldness. He is rather blunt and fairly cold to most people, though politely so. He is terrified that Summer will dump him, thinking that she is first girlfriend he has ever had, and probably ever will have. He is noted by Renee to be very morose, negative, and somewhat untrustworthy.

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "I'll put them on hold for five hours and see how they like it!" - Henry on Bruno's lawyers.
  • "I guess I do come across as a little... needy sometimes." - Henry on himself.
  • "And people think I'm weird." - Henry on Bruno making a model of the cemetery.
  • "I was naughty. Now I'll be nice." - Henry to Nancy, promising he won't sell off any more of Bruno's things.
  • "She's the only girlfriend I've ever had...Ever will have, probably." -Henry on why he doesn't break up with his overbearing, high-maintenance girlfriend.
  • "Groovy." -Henry to Nancy at the end of a conversation from time to time.
  • "My parents died in a car crash when I was eight. Since I had no other relatives, he took me in. Or should I say, he shipped me out. Boarding school, military school, summer camp, college, you name it. He may have looked after me, but he never spent any time with me. I didn't know him at all." -Henry on his relationship (or rather his lack therof) with Bruno.

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