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Holt Scotto
Holt Scotto
Snake Horse Harbor, Washington
Harbormaster Candidate
Danger on Deception Island
Jenna Deblin
Andy Jason
Voiced by
Richard Stein

Holt Scotto is a fisherman on Deception Island, one of the San Juan Islands. He also enjoys spending his time at The Hot Kettle Cafe that Jenna Deblin owns.

Danger on Deception IslandEdit

In 2003, Holt runs for harbormaster. He is opposed to the law that bans fishermen from coming near the orca that has showed up in the channel, as it prevents them from catching good fish and forces them to waste time and fuel by going the long way around.

When Nancy asks to borrow his GPS, he first makes her take a seamanship quiz. He wants to make everyone take the quiz when he becomes harbormaster, and Nancy is the test's guinea pig.

Though he refuses to take Nancy out in his boat to search for Katie Firestone at the end of the game, he eventually ends up rescuing her.

Ransom of the Seven ShipsEdit

A Holt Scotto campaign pin can be found under the water when exploring on the boat.

Quotes Edit

  • "Vote for Holt. Spread the word."
  • "Those signs say no trespassing. Which means keep out. Which means you, girlie!"
  • "Right as rain!"
  • "Watch out for Caddy!"

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