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Hugo Butterly
Hugo 1
Hugo Butterly
Paris, France
Fashion Designer
Danger by Design
Voiced by
Tim Moore

Hugo Butterly is a fashion designer in Paris, France. His rival designer is Minette, from Minette's House of Design.

Danger by Design Edit

Hugo and Minette share the same type of client and are both very good designers, making them each other's rival. During the game Nancy calls him while investigating the threats to his greatest enemy. She also finds a magazine cover of "Glam Glam" Magazine with him on the front cover and a story about him inside.

Notes Edit

  • As an insult to Minette, he has named his pit bull after her.
  • His clothes are called "Butterlies".
Hugo and Minette

Oddly enough, Hugo's pit bull is named Minette.

Hugo 2

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