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Icicle Creek Lodge
Icicle Creek Lodge

Game Featured

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek


Resort Lodge

Built by

Trapper Dan

Built in


Located in

Alberta, Canada


Trapper Dan
Abe Wentworth
Tilly Wentworth
Chantal Moique

Icicle Creek Lodge is a resort in Alberta, Canada. It was built by Trapper Dan in 1894 and often entertained many famous guests - even the President of the United States. After Trapper Dan's mysterious disappearance in 1921, the Lodge was bought by Abe Wentworth in 1934, and bought from Tilly Wentworth by Albert Moique around 2005. It was given to Chantal Moique in 2006.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

In January 2007, mysterious accidents start to plague the lodge. The back stairs are slippery, the sauna door gets stuck and some guests get food poisoning. Some people blame the nearby white wolf as a sign of bad luck. The cook, Becky, and the maid, Elsa, also quit. Chantal hires Nancy, at the suggestion of Bet and Ed Rawley, to figure out what is going on.

It turns out that one of the guests, Yanni Volkstaia, was blowing up bombs near the lodge in order to look for uranium, and was causing the accidents in order to have less people around the lodge to disrupt his search. His arrest brings the lodge popularity and guests constantly book visits soon afterwards.

Trapper Dan building Icicle Creek Lodge

The construction of the Lodge

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