Jake Hurley was Camille Hurley's husband.

Biography Edit

Jake was the owner of his very own private train, Hurley's Comet, in the 1870s and up until his disappearance in 1903, when his train was found abandoned in Blue Moon Canyon, Nevada, with the engineer, James Thurston, dead on board. Jake was from the east coast, around Philadelphia, and his parents were British aristocrats. Nancy eventually finds his body is his long-sought after mine in Brimstone Canyon, Nevada, which didn't actually contain any treasure. He is clutching a letter from Abraham Lincoln sent on the day he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (which mentions Jake's train even back then). Nancy points out that his real treasure was his uncanny knack for making friends with some of the most famous people in history, such as Lincoln, Samuel Clemens (AKA Mark Twain), and Thomas Wilson.

Jake met his wife, Camille, when he was 35, but she died on the train only a year after they were married. In 1901, Jake sent a letter to his only remaining relative, his neice, Ruth Kensington, giving her clues on how to find his mine.

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