Jamila El-Dine is a mysterious woman who shows up at Kingston University's dig site.

Biography Edit

Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

In 2012, when Nancy is at the dig site in Egypt, Jamila tells her that she is at the tomb to welcome the return of the Annunaki in these important times. She explains that she took Sonny Joon's "Are you Alien or Alie-out?" course, and that it changed her life.

Nancy finds a letter from Sonny to Abdullah, though, indicating that Jamila is not a member of SPIED, his organization. Nancy confronts her about this and gets Jamila to confess that she is a member of the Daughters of Nefertari, an organization dedicated to finding Nefertari. Every woman in the bloodline descended from Nefertari must search for her. When Jamila was younger, she was told her mother had died in an automobile accident, but she got a letter telling her that she had really died in the desert. Jamila was searching for Nefertari during the game and had pretended to be obsessed with aliens to get Abdullah to dismiss her. However, she says that Sonny is still special and that she can't be the one to explain how, but if Nancy ever needs to know, he'll find her.

Jamila helps Lily out of the cave-in at the end of the game and ends up working with Jon Boyle once Nefertari is found.

The Shattered Medallion Edit

Nancy calls Jamila in 2014 when she is on Pacific Run. Jamila had begun working for SPIED. She tells Nancy that she plans on making a subset of SPIED for studying artifacts that are actually on Earth. Jamila explains how she met Sonny. She was in the desert and he found her, already knowing who she was and saying that he had brought her there. He was excited to always hear her talk about the Annunaki, but disappointed that she didn't actually believe in them.

She also explains that she sort of accidentally included Patrick on Pacific Run. She had met him in the desert, as well, since he was lost. She was relating the story about how strange and calm he was, and Sonny was excited, saying that he was the last one.

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