Jasmine Ivy is an actress, who isa frequent client of the Redondo. She is the older sister of Eda Brooks, whom she dislikes. Lydia Linn calls her Plant Lady, making fun of her name. Simone Mueller is her agent.

She graduated from Waverly Academy and even had the school's library named after her.[1] On her business card, it says her phone number is (213) 555-2639.

Resorting to Danger!Edit

Jasmine is staying at the Redondo in 2009, causing rumors that she is undergoing plastic surgery. She is dating the receptionist, Cassidy Jones, but breaks up with him when she finds out it is against the rules and tells everyone that she was preparing for a role and researching.

Jasmine is also receiving threats during her stay, which turn out to be coming from Joanna Brown, since Jasmine was the one who rejected her brother Elwood's movie script.

If Jasmine is not the one placing the bombs at the Redondo, she will write in her diary that Simone wants her to record her experiences with the threats and market them for publicity.

In the event that she is the bomber, she writes that she disagrees with Simone's idea and wants to get a new agent. This is the opposite of the truth, which she learned she needed to write when growing up with Eda. Jasmine would have been placing the bombs to generate attention for herself. After her arrest, Elwood Brown would write a movie based on the situation called Spa-ntaneous Combustion, starring Eda as Jasmine.

The note left in her room with her food calls her "Miss Joy" for some reason.