Jean-Michel Traquenard is an editor of the Glam Glam fashion magazine.

Biography Edit

Danger by Design Edit

In 2006, Nancy talks to Jean-Michel to deliver Dieter von Schwesterkrank's fabric photos and later to ask him for an uncropped photo he used in an article. He usually works at a table at the Cafe Kiki rather than using an actual office.

In order to keep using the Cafe as a headquarters of sorts, he gets Nancy to help out the staff by making parfaits for a bunch of tourists. Only then will he let Nancy seen an uncropped photo of Minette's wall.

Whenever Nancy visits him, she can order food from the menu. He will pay for her meal only once. If Nancy takes advantage of this and orders the most expensive item, she is presented with a dish of frogs' legs.

Trivia Edit

  • If Nancy calls the other two numbers in Jean-Michel's PDA, they lead to a guitar riff and a morse code message that translates to "some of us are asleep!".
  • He pronounces Heather McKay's name "Ehzair Mckee", which Nancy has trouble understanding. He also says Gigi Ling rather than "Jay Jay" Ling, leading to an argument over pronunciation with Nancy.