Jing Jing Ling is an Australian model working for Minette in Paris, France. She is also Nancy's roommate for a short period of time.

Biography Edit

Danger by Design Edit

In 2006, Jing Jing lets Nancy stay with her while she is interning at Minette's House of Design. Jing Jing is often making mint chocolate chip cookies in order to be a size 12 for Minette. She also has a habit of lying to people for fun, and playing Hangman.

Jing Jing was tricked into her current contract with Minette, something that upsetted her. She got a short-term lease at the Hotel De Ville, and plans to leave upon finishing her contract with Minette.

While searching her house, Nancy finds a few books on circuitry and engineering. According to Little Jackelope, this is because she was considering switching careers, and going to MIT. For unexplained reasons, this explanation was not included in the game.

Jing Jing is a sweet woman, who is very open and friendly. For a chronic liar, she is also a very honest person. However, she is a bit paranoid about giving out personal information over the phone.

Jing Jing is a famous model, who is well-known throughout the industry and public. Fans of hers include Joe Hardy and Zu.

Quotes Edit

  • "I make chocolate chip cookies, I eat chocolate chip cookies, and since you're here, I share chocolate chip cookies."