Joanna Brown is the janitor at The Redondo in northern California. She has a collection of rats in the basement. She also owns a copy of "Mid-Break at Waverly" with a picture of a broken heart on the front, It most likely has something to do with Waverly Academy.

Resorting to Danger!Edit

In 2009, Joanna is sending threatening notes to Jasmine Ivy, the actress staying at the Redondo, since she was the one who rejected Joanna's brother Elwood's movie script.

If Joanna is not the one placing the bombs, Nancy will find an email from a doctor that says that tells Joanna she is prone to violence when under stress and would perhaps find more suitable work by putting her PhD in electrical engineering to use. If Joanna is placing the bombs, Nancy will find an email to her from Alt's Biodiesel about selling lipo-suctioned fat. Despite the profit she could makel by selling fat at the Redondo, Joanna would still be placing the bombs solely to scare Jasmine. After her arrest, Elwood would write a screenplay based on the situation called SPA-ntaneous Combustion with Jorge Jackson set to direct. Jasmine tries for a part in the film.