Joy Trent is the bookkeeper at Captain's Cove Amusement Park in New Jersey.

Biography Edit

The Haunted Carousel Edit

Joy worked at the park in 2003 because her father, Darryl Trent, had worked there as well before his death. Joy had shut down the roller coaster while it was on out of anger toward Paula Santos, the park's owner, for not helping Daryl financially.

Joy's Mother

Joy's mother.

With Nancy's help, Joy discovers that the machine her father built, Miles the Magnificent Memory Machine, could reconnect her with her past that she blocked out. On Joy's fourth birthday, her mother died in a car accident. She had given her one of the park's carousel horses, Glory, but Joy blamed it for her mother's death and wanted her father to destroy it. Instead, he put it in a secret room in the haunted house for her to find after solving Miles' puzzles. Joy also destroyed every picture of her mother, but her father saved one and left it with Glory.

Quotes Edit

  • "I feel like a door somewhere is starting to creak open. I'm kind of scared to open it, but I also kinda know I have to."