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Karl Weschler is Castle Finster's Bürgermeister (essentially mayor). He is voiced by Gerald B. Browning.

The Captive CurseEdit

Karl meets Nancy in 2011 when she is investigating the castle's monster problem. He avoids talking about "the accident", which Nancy figures out was an event a few years ago during a tour of one of the dungeons. The room collapsed and people came close to dying. Karl shuts himself away in the castle, believing he has bad luck as a result of seeing his doppelganger on a train as a child, and doesn't want to affect the world.

Karl also has a passion for German board games and keeps trying to design them. He pays Nancy to test out his new game, Raid!, and even lets her help him create a card for it.

When Nancy catches the monster, Karl feels as though his luck has changed and moves on from the castle and in his life, and maybe goes to Alberta to visit his girlfriend, Mildred. Raid! takes off and becomes successful.

Raid! seems to have become very successful by 2014, as an electronic version of it is available in the Puzzle Palace on the set of Pacific Run: New Zealand.

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