Kingston University

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Trail of the Twister
Tomb of the Lost Queen




New York


Gray Cortright
Lily Crewe

Kingston University is a college in New York.

History Edit

Trail of the Twister Edit

In 2010, Kingston University's Tornado Chasing Team, along with leader, Brooke Tavanah, and photographer, Erin Aldriege, compete against Canute College's Storm Chasers in the 2010 Green Skies Competition.

Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

In 2012, Kingston University's Archeology Team, goes out to their dig site in Memphis, Egypt to search for Nefertari's Tomb. Unfortunetly, the leader of the team, Jon Boyle, is attacked during a sandstorm and is unable to continue the dig along with his fellow archeologists. One of the team members, Lily Crewe, is a student of Kingston who is studying Egypt and Paleontology.

In The Captive Curse, Sonny Joon's resume states he worked on their archeology team.

The Deadly Device Edit

Gray Cortright, the security guard for Technology of Tomorrow Today, earned his PhD in theoretical physics from Kingston.

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