Kiri Nind is a reality TV star from New Zealand.

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The Shattered Medallion Edit

Nancy and Kiri meet each other when they are both on Pacific Run in 2014. Kiri tells Nancy that she got started with reality TV on a dating show called Sleepless, in which contestants stayed up for 24 hours and then went on a date. She's also been on shows called Date Panic and Biggest Cheater. Kiri says that she, along with everyone else, has always been told she's special, but doesn't feel as though she has talent and has "a lifetime of coming in second place". She did aerial arts and acrobatic work before TV.

Sonny brought her on Pacific Run so that she could use her talents to crawl into a space in a cave and retrieve one of the artifact pieces. When it almost collapses on her, though, she gets mad and wonders what he is doing with the competition. After Nancy beats her in the sudden death round, she cuts the rope that Nancy and Sonny used to climb down a cave with, angry that she lost. When they get out, they check the tapes and see that Kiri was the one who cut the rope bridge at the beginning of the game. Her partner, Erin, was supposed to fall on it and Kiri was supposed to save her to make her look good. George ended up falling instead, and Erin tried to save her.

Kiri gets her own reality show afterward called Detained Diva: The Kiri Redemption.

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  • Kiri has been on many reality shows such as Date Panic and Biggest Cheater.

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