Krolmeister is a company that makes absolutely everything. It is owned by P. G. Krolmeister.

Hartmut Krolmeister may also have something to do with the company.

History Edit

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered Edit

There is book in the library written by Krolmeister Publications called Explorer Encyclopedias.

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

The Spectro-X Analyzer is made by Krolmeister.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Edit

A well in Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is dated by Krolmeister Well Works from 1924. Some believe the Krolmeister Chess Notation was used as a code in World War I.

The Haunted Carousel Edit

Barnacle Blast is made by Krolmeister Arcades. The park employee Nick also mentions that Krolmeister called to talk about the schematics for a card reader.

The Secret of the Old Clock Edit

In 1930 in The Secret of the Old Clock, Josiah Crowley orders a crystal from the Krolmeister Crystal Company, and there is a building in Titusville called Krolmeister Nails.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Edit

Camille Hurley ordered her dolls from Krolmeister Doll Works, and purchased one on June 16, 1880, indicating the company goes as far back as 1880.

Danger by Design Edit

Sonny ordered from Krolmeister Office Supplies.

Legend of the Crystal Skull Edit

Bruno Bolet was cremated at the Krolmeister Creamatorium in New Orleans, LA.

The Haunting of Castle Malloy Edit

Kit Foley mentions that his father is VP of international sales for Krolmeister Incorporated.

Trail of the Twister Edit

Nancy can hear a commercial on the radio for the Krolmeister Salad Cannon and the Krolmeister Lockbuster Infinity (the latter of which she was apparently part of). She can also talk to P. G. about his products and he'll mention the Krolmeister Particle Accelerator and the whole line of salad dressings. And Frosty mentions the upcoming video assembly progam: KrolStudio.

Shadow at the Water's Edge Edit

The Ryokan uses Krolmeister Security Systems.

The Deadly Device Edit

Niko Jovic's surveillance system is from Krolmeister Industries.

The Silent Spy Edit

Nancy's room cards come from Krolmeister Security Systems.

The Shattered Medallion Edit

Fridrick from Team Amokura in The Shattered Medallion says that he hates Krolmeister Self-Spreading Butter, and that we should all be afraid of it.

Labyrinth of Lies Edit

The security systems at Phidias Cultural Center are also from Krolmeister.

Sea of Darkness Edit

Magnus Kiljansson has a Tidal Depth Chart of 1784 Skipbrot Bay, Iceland from Krolmeister Mapping Services.

Resorting to Danger! Edit

Someone calls the Redondo from Krolmeister Insurance, and Helfdan has a plan for his business drawn up by Krolmeister Studios. On the Resorting to Danger website it says that The Redondo's new season of "Krolmeister Nail Lacquer Colors have just arrived! Look fabulous in Jade Tiger, Ivory Charm, and Scarlet Slipper - $99 each."

In The Continuing Adventures of Detective Private iPad P.I. the narrator says that it's broadcasting live from the world famous Gilded Krolmeister radio original.

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