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Labyrinth of Lies
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Game #


Written by

Nicholas Blahunka
Cathy Roiter

Directed by

Tim Burke

Guest Cast

Billie Wildrick
Jeff Pierce
Beau Prichard
Katherine Grant Suttie
Julia Stockton


October 14, 2014


Phidias Cultural Center, Greece

Previous Game

The Shattered Medallion

Next Game

Sea of Darkness

Labyrinth of Lies is the thirty first game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #60: The Greek Symbol Mystery.


Nancy goes to Greece to assist a museum curator, Melina Rosi, in preparation for their amphitheater's performance of "Persephone in Winter". However, some of the museum's artifacts soon go missing, and the museum's employees mysteriously abandon their duties. Nancy must also recover the artifacts.

Characters Edit

Xenia DoukasEdit

Xenia is playing Persephone. She is also the show's director, which often keeps her busy.

Niobe PapadikiEdit

Niobe is playing Demeter, and is also the prop and stage artist. She has some stage fright and tends to focus on her work.

Thanos GanasEdit

Thanos is playing Hades. He keeps an eye on the hydraulics under the set and doesn't like Nancy snooping around them.

Grigor KarakinosEdit

Grigor is playing Hermes. He is also the stage manager and technician.

Phone Friends Edit

The phone is accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen. Nancy can get hints from the tasklist if she's an Amateur Sleuth.

Frank and Joe Hardy Edit

Frank and Joe are detectives and good friends of Nancy.

Melina RosiEdit

Melina is the curator of the museum who wants Nancy to keep everything together.



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