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Leena Patel
Leena 2
Leena Patel
Washington DC
Pacific Run
International Cryptology Consultant
The Shattered Medallion
Significant Others
Patrick Dowsett (Boyfriend)
Jin Seung
Kiri Nind
Voiced by
Kira Lauren

Leena Patel is an International Cryptology Consultant who lives in Washington DC, but visits New Zealand frequently with her boyfriend Patrick.

Patrick and Leena

Leena and Patrick

The Shattered MedallionEdit

Leena enters Patrick and her in a competition called Pacific Run in 2014. When Nancy finds a difficult code that needs breaking, she gives it to Leena to solve. Leena's hidden talent is solving mysterious codes.

Nancy learns from Leena that she knows Jin Seung, the grandfather of the man running the show, Sonny Joon. He would come to the concert hall she worked at and pretend to play the trumpet, even though he didn't know how to. He just wanted access to the library, where Leena found him reading a mysterious book. When he gave it to her, she was able to understand everything in it.

Nancy wonders if her need to figure out riddles is what drew her to Patrick, who can be an enigma. After the game ends, Sonny sends Leena some of Jin's books.

Leena (2)
Patrick and Leena 2

Leena and Patrick on the cover of The Shattered Medallion.

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